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    Hygiene & Cleaning Service

    With dedicated professional cleaning teams, providing a quick and effective response to all service provided

    cleaning service, cleaning service barreiro, cleaning service lisbon, cleaning service company, cleaning company
    cleaning service, cleaning service barreiro, cleaning service lisbon, cleaning service company, cleaning company
    cleaning service, cleaning service barreiro, cleaning service lisbon, cleaning service company, cleaning company

    Professional cleaning service

    for Individuals and Companies

    Disinfection and hygiene following the standards and norms of safety, hygiene and health at work.

    Cleaning & Hygiene

    Professional Cleaning

    Professional cleaning since 2016, always focused on guaranteeing an excellent result of cleaning and disinfection quality, at very competitive prices

    Private or industrial cleaning service with a special focus on:

    condominium cleaning
    office cleaning
    hotel cleaning
    village cleaning
    regular or occasional domestic house cleaning
    post-construction cleaning

    Top Cleaning Service

    Our cleaning services are efficient and our cleaning professionals make your experience exceptional, as they are:

    Intensively trained by PREMISSA
    Efficient, neat, and polite
    • Carrying a public liability insurance
    Trained and skilled to clean following a special agency method
    Skilled to clean using latest cleaning technology equipment
    • Using cleaning quality equipment provided by well known suppliers

    Efficient cleaning solutions


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    cleaning service, cleaning service barreiro, cleaning service lisbon, cleaning company, professional cleaning
    cleaning service, cleaning service barreiro, cleaning service lisbon, cleaning company, professional cleaning

    See our reviews at:


    Pêpê RapazotePêpê Rapazote
    23:18 02 Oct 23
    I understand that this criticism will go against the grain. Perhaps because I was on the north bank of the Tagus River, I didn't have the pleasure of meeting the owner of the company, with whom I spoke several times on the phone and who seemed very friendly. In fact, little or nothing was presented to me. I chose the premise based on the opinions I came across and because it was the most expensive budget I found. It was even twice as much as others I ordered. I am of the opinion that what is cheap is expensive. This time it was very expensive. Without any major inelegance on my part, the quality of the "professionals" and the cleaning I experienced at the end of work on a new house were poor. The conditions were not ideal as the work was not completely finished. But there was space and the paintings were already finished. And yet... the polished concrete surfaces were not washed or cleaned with paint stains, grease... the vacuum cleaner was of a "domestic" style... there was no industrial vacuuming or washing, especially with surfaces as easily washable as polished concrete. Anyway, just today I bought "siril" to clean masses from the floor. There was detail in some part of the work but the larger part was missing. The elements that make up a normal end-of-construction cleaning were not present in this work. I'm sorry to say it. In the end, the worst thing of all was realizing that there was no desire to visit the site to try to understand the lack of quality of cleaning or even try to fix it by hand. That's what I would do. Because we know that mistakes happen, the least would be to try to understand the reason for the displeasure and if there is reason, clean it again. Let's call it work ethic, professionalism, honesty... in short, what is expected of good people who provide professional services. I only got an explanation of the cost ratio, which is why there was nothing more they could do. It is said that they thought the floor was microcement instead of polished concrete, so they were afraid to clean it in depth. However, after informing them that they had made a mistake, there was no intention of carrying out the cleaning. I hope it helps future readers of these reviews and if there are any doubts - no, I'm not being unfair. The experience was unspeakable. This idea of ​​trying to walk through the raindrops with immense kindness leaves me disconcerted. There is always a moment when we have to move from words to actions. Correct our mistakes when someone brings them to our attention. Not realizing this reveals an unenlightened spirit.Note - I paid in full. I always want to fulfill my part of certain commitments, even if I am dissatisfied. Even so I can write here with full right and end by saying that I still paid for the cleaning of a T1 apartment right next door, a cleaning that I ended up giving up.
    Very qualified and reliable company. I recommend
    Gaspar BorgesGaspar Borges
    22:08 02 Apr 23
    I've worked with the premise on more than one occasion. They always carried out deep cleaning after finishing work on properties and the result was always very good.Cleaning up after construction is very difficult. There is dust infiltrated everywhere, paint drips here and there and all of this has to disappear. The Premise has never disappointed me.They always try to achieve the customer's wishes with the best of good will.
    Marilia MonteiroMarilia Monteiro
    17:37 01 Apr 23
    Pedro NatalinoPedro Natalino
    01:55 31 Mar 23
    Post-construction cleaning of excellent quality and an unbeatable price-quality ratio.Honesty and excellence at a fair price
    Very professional, kind and taking care people. I’ve had them cleaning my house for over a year. They were always on time and always did a great job. Nothing to complain about but thanking for their help.
    mario santosmario santos
    19:25 30 Mar 23
    Great service, since hiring the company I no longer need to worry about looking for quality/price in the market, satisfied, rating 5.
    Antonio Rafael MarquesAntonio Rafael Marques
    13:12 30 Mar 23
    Very professionalism and a quality far above what I know today. I've been working with this company for some time and I don't plan on changing.